Discrete Components

Reliable and cost-effective

The current production program is based on gallium arsenide (GaAs) substrates and includes only PIN diodes for soft- and hard-switching applications in a voltage range from 400V to 1,700V and currents of up to 100A per chip. As GaAs is a semiconductor with a direct band gap larger than that of silicon, we call our devices direct wide bandgap (dWBG) diodes. At present, 3-5 PE is the only enterprise that uses GaAs also for power semiconductors. This substrate have so far only been used for high-frequency applications with very low voltages.


Diodes for soft-switching applications

Product family 1: Diodes for soft-switching application, such as battery charging systems, inductive heating and welding as well as zero-voltage-switching applications


Diodes for hard-switching applications

Product family 2: Diodes for hard-switching application, such as power factor correction filters in switchgears, solar inverters, switch mode power supplies, motor control units, inverters for electric and hybrid vehicles, uninterruptible power supplies and diodes for IGBT modules